Wednesday, May 12, 2010

tao @ E-Gate, Penang. =D

tao! I had the chance to try it (after hearing my mother talk about it for such a LONG LONG time...)! =D My sister's birthday was last Thursday, and my father promised her to bring her to tao at E-Gate for a birthday treat. =)
My mother has been to tao (not this Tao though, the one in Juru), a couple of times already. She went with her friends, and said that the food in tao was not bad.
The ambiance...
Let me tell you how this restaurant works. First of all, it's an eat-all-you-want restaurant. You pay a flat rate, and you only have to pay extra if you want their shashimi (raw foods). And they serve Japanese food, mostly. But, the way of serving the food is a little different. Usually, in eat-all-you-want restaurants, the food is served buffet style, right? But not in tao, you have to order the food, and it will be served to you. Therefore, the food is fresher and piping hot, which is a plus point to customers! =D

To me, the pricing is a little more to the expensive side. It's about RM 50 per person. But, what do you expect... for good food, there is always a higher price to pay. :S But oh well... Let me introduce some of their dishes to you. =D
Unfortunately, I don't have this dish's name. But I can tell you what it is. It's small crabs and prawns fried. You eat it with shell and all. I don't really fancy it... But it was something new... NEXT!
E12 Mussel Spicy Mayo
MUSSELS! Eat this and you will grow muscles! (Joke! =D)This was nice! =D NEXT!
E11 Motomaki Cheese Mayo
This was super nice! It's a MUST try dish. We ordered this dish about 4 or 5 times. And on each dish, there is 9 of them. My sister ate about 10+ of them. =D And oh, btw, Motomaki are scallops! NEXT!
Unfortunately, I don't have the name of this dish... But my mother likes it though.
D4 Crab Meat with Cheese.
Nothing really spectacular about this dish. I couldn't really taste the crab meat and cheese, only the flour. NEXT!
I think the name of this dish is... lamb terriyaki. I can't recall, as it was my parents who called for this dish. But it was quite nice, one of the dishes that you MUST TRY! =D
J6 California Temaki.
This was so-so? I think the one in Kaede is much nicer... =) NEXT!
A1 Abalone.
This was so-so also? Abalone lovers can have a feast here! xD
tao! =D I wanna go eat there again, sometime in the future. It's a place for the people with bottomless stomachs! When wanna go eat, must bring friends that can eat a LOT (so that we get our money's worth!)!=D


CJ ♥ said...

oh yeah
i went there b4...
the food is super delicious =D

Daniel Ting said...

some more all you can eat... :)