Saturday, May 8, 2010

PLKN Case 1: The Missing Person.

PLKN Case 1: The Missing Person, for the list of cases, click here.

You must be thinking, how can a person go missing in National Service? Impossible, right? After all, every move NS trainees make are always under the watchful eyes of the jurulatih and discipline teachers. During one of the night's, we had a free do-what-you-want night. We had our supper as usual, then roll-call, before going to sleep. And roll-call is held on the padang kawat lama.

The normal procedure began. First, the company's squad leader will shout "Baris... Baris... Sedia!", followed by "Dari kanan... Nombor!". Soon, after all the companies have completed the process, the overall squad leader would shout "Baris... Baris... Sedia!". When all of us are in our sedia positions, the overall squad leader would again shout "Ketua Kompeni... Lapor!". And the process of the squad leaders reporting the company's strength (attendance) to the overall squad leader, and after this is done, the squad leader would report to the teacher on duty. And guess what, 6 people (from different groups, and all were GUYS!) were reported missing! =.=

Then, the whole process of finding began. We were given orders to sit down, and each company would send volunteers to help "hunt" for the missing people. It was done rather systematically, I would say. You could hear them shouting, like a big war was going on. Finally, the search ended, and only 5 trainees were found. And all of us were like, "Where was the last one?" Another search was launched. By that time, all the other trainees were getting restless and angry. It was already almost close to 12. But still, he couldn't be found. Finally, at midnight, we were allowed back to our cottages to sleep. And the missing person remained MISSING.

The next day, we found out that the ketua jurulatih had made a report to the police at 2:30 a.m., reporting that a trainee from this camp was reported missing. A guess what, at 2:45 a.m., the trainee was found! Guess what he was doing from 11 p.m. to 2:45 a.m.? Sleeping (It is said that he was sleeping under one of the rubber trees at the girls area)! A fight broke out when he returned to his cottage. His roommates weren't too happy of him causing them to lost of sleep (Basically, almost everyone wasn't happy).

Thus, this is PLKN Case 1: The Missing Person. =D


danielchowtzeyoong said...

lolz...don understand y they hav to keep every1 awake to find 1 missing person...i think its stupid...happen to me b4 when i went to st. john camp back in secondary sch...had sum1 who went missing...and every1 had to go find that the end found him dono where...zzz...stupid!...lolz...

koru said... the fight isnt bcoz of the incident.the fight is bcoz of his friends(from other companies and cottages too) making noise in the cottage in the middle of the night..=)

Daniel Ting said...

chow: agreed. waste of our precious sleeping time. :S

koru: haha... sorry for the mis-info. that was what i heard from my friends... =)