Friday, May 7, 2010

NS Has Come And Gone. :S

I can't actually believe that I'm going to say this, "I MISS PLKN KUALA NERANG, KEDAH!" :S

Yesterday, my mum came and took me out from National Service (NS). Now I'm back home, sitting in front of the computer screen, uploading photos and blogging about NS.

So far, out of the actual 440 trainees that were supposed to attend the training, 49 have left, and there is more leaving as the days go by. Some because of their health, and others got IPTA, matrix, or an offer in some college. Form 6ers are NOT allowed back early, but only for 3 days to lapor diri in their respective schools. This means that the trainees who are going to do form 6 will miss 2 weeks or more of school and a minimum of 5 weeks of tuition? Will they be able to catch up with the classes they miss? I mean, form 6 is known to be tough, and if the government is NOT going to let them out, and because of the missing of classes, who will shoulder the responsibility of their failure? I thought it is written in one of the akta's about studying, that NS will not interfere with the trainee's studies? Oh well...

Anyway, the 5 days after semester break were the best days in camp! I wish I could have stayed longer. :S

I'll blog more about NS soon! =D

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