Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pegawas Pusat Sumber Farewell Celebrations...

Yesterday, the Persatuan Pengawas Pusat Sumber celebrated the farewell of the form 5 librarians! We had food, games, and a souvenir to those who were in their form 5s!

I think the juniors planned the programmes pretty well. For once, I felt the games were fun and worth playing. Usually, the games are just so boring and childish. The MC of the day was Zhi Yan and Jane. Game master was Jia Tiek.

My school library, in the past 5 years, has changed tremendously. It started just with a few racks filled with books. After that, the other section was opened, and more books were bought and filled into the new racks. Later on, a new system was introduced for the borrowing and returning books. This year, CCTVs was installed, followed by the touch-in system. Truly, the library has changed a lot since I first arrived.

Ah, a souvenir to keep in my memory box as remembrance in time to come.


Fake DanT said...

ajk nia..

Daniel Ting said...

lol lol lol..

Tiffany said...

You were pengawas?! :P