Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Exam So Far...

Well, I'll be blogging less often for the next two weeks, mainly because my exams are on. But I'll try my best to update it, if I have some time to spare.

I had my civic and PJK papers yesterday. I don't see what's the point of doing a written test on PJK, why not do a physical test instead? Most people finish the paper in 15 minutes and sleep, and the paper is one hour long.



Anonymous said...

Maybe so that you all understand the need for PE? Nowadays, many young people prefer to sit down for digital games rather than the real one. So maybe test for PE to remind? Not that I think it's a good idea cos a written test basically no use. Have test but for physical aspects - how high you can jump, how far you can throw, how long you can last. You've got a good point there.

All things beautiful said...

All the best in the exam. It's tough having to sit for so many papers. But look on the bright side. For Form 6, you take only a fraction of this :-)