Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exam Today...

Wednesday 20/05/2009
0815 - 1045 Sejarah 2
1120 - 1350 Pendidikan Moral 1

I am glad that three of the memorizing subjects are over, Moral, Biology and History! The three "make-your-hair-grow-white" and "drive-you-up-the-wall" subjects! I think I may do rather badly in my Sejarah Paper 2, because I think I answered some parts of the essay wrongly. But, what is passed, is past. I must move on.

I don't understand why do we need to sit for the moral paper. We basically need to memorize the 36 nilais and blurt it our word by word in the exam. By sitting this exam, we do not change morally, we only just improve academically. After SPM, we buang all the nilais into the tong sampah.

Anyway, my mum bought mangosteens! My fav! But aren't mangosteens expensive these days! RM 6 per kilo! Look at the small bunch my mum bought. The color of the picture is a little off though, because I used my phone camera to take this picture...

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