Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shift - The Thing I Wish I Had Now!!!

HTC has announced a new ultra mobile PC, called Shift. How nice if I owned it... It would save me time asking for time on the computer from my mom. Save the hassle of waiting for my parents are free to unlock the password... Shift has an adjustable touchscreen display with a slide out QWERTY keypad. Shift runs on Windows Vista Business as well as HTC's SnapVUE (a toned down version of Windows Mobile 6). Shift should run pretty fast. It has two processors, an Intel Stealy microchip (800MHz) and a back up, 1 GB RAM for running Windows Vista applications with a Qualcomm MSN 7200 (420MHz) chip. Shift is also equipped with a 40GB or 60 GB hard disk. I so want the bigger space Shift. It has WiFi and 3.5 G mobile network to surf the net too! Meaning, I can surf on the go. There is also a fingerprint reader for protection.

I want a Shift!!! But it's so expensive. The 40 GB model is priced at RM5499. RM5499!!! Where am i going to get such money??? Anyone kind enough to donate???

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