Monday, April 7, 2008

Gloves usually can be used once, but this glove can be used SEVEN times!!!

There is a new glove in town, called EcoGlove. This glove is not like any glove. Normal glove can be used only once or twice, but this glove can be used SEVEN times!

The EcoGlove would be cheaper for end users, reduce rick of latex and chemical allergies, and friendlier to Mother Nature.

After use, the new gloves would be reprocessed by its manufactures, sanitized and checked for defects before being repackaged and sent back to the users.

EcoGloves are made by using a machine that uses cold plasma technology sterilizes the gloves, and as a quality control measure. An estimate of 140 billion gloves are produced globally a year, with Malaysia accounting for half the sum. Most disposable gloves are made from latex or petroleum-based nitrile.

With EcoGlove, the carbon footprint would be reduced by 60%, as there would be almost zero wastage. At the moment, there are 1.4 million tonnes of waste from gloves produced yearly.

To ensure every glove is traceable and not used for more than 7 times and weed out clond gloves, EcoGlove has a unique matrix or 2D bar code on the gloves.

How cool is that?

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