Friday, April 11, 2008

Prices are going up up up!

Lovely lovely rice...
As price of rice and wheat increases, the prices of anything made of it will increase, for example mee. This is something that we take for granted everyday. Now, we might face quite a lot of discomfort with the price increase. Price increase, gaji tak go up. How to survive?

Yellow mee is going up by RM 0.20 per kg.

Dry mee up RM 0.20 per kg.
Small yee mee up by RM 0.30 per kg.
Large yee mee
up by RM 0.70 per kg.
Wantan mee
up by RM 0.60 per kg.
Wantan wrapping
up by RM 0.40 per packet.
Dumpling wrapping
up by RM 0.50 per packet.

All the prices are going up. I wonder if restaurants, stalls selling food will increase their prices or maybe serve smaller portions to maintain the profit margin... Standard of living in Malaysia is decreasing, better start saving up, folks!

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Andrew said...

Come over to KL. Free makan at my house !