Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun Fair! :D

There isn't always a funfair in town, especially for a small town of Sitiawan. Some more, during festive seasons! Strangely enough, this CNY, there were TWO fairs!

It was a small one though. I was watching the rides, and I felt that the rides weren't very safe to ride on. I mean, if you hear the rides making loud clanking sounds of chains moving and stuff, would YOU feel like riding on it?Or maybe it's just me feeling this. There were still LOADS of people getting on the rides. And did I mention that each ride costs two tokens, which translates to RM 4?

I was dragged to ride on the Ferries' Wheel to accompany my small cousins. Well, I suppose someone has to accompany them. And my, you should have seen how fast it went!
My cousins, by the time spinning for the third time, they were all screaming each time it descended. Me, I could literally feel the inertia of myself when it went down.
There were station games set up there too. Each game cost a whooping RM 4 (two tokens)!And this prizes awaited those lucky ones. I can tell you, the odds of winning have been counted so that few would be able to get these prizes. Sometimes, I wonder, how many of the grand prizes shown do actually get won. Most of the prizes I saw, looked rather battered down, as if it were there for a long time already.
This game main's objective is to roll 6 ping-pong balls into the wooden slits. Each slit has a number value. And the total sum of the numbers would determine which prize you won. For example, 6 balls into the slit with a number value of "1" would earn you the biggest teddy bear there, which is nearly IMPOSSIBLE!
This game, is called "Catching the ducks!". The purpose of the game is to fish a duck at random, and see what number is pasted below the duck. Certain numbers will get you the bigger prizes, others would just give you a small CHEAP toy. I think there were more than 100 ducks spinning, and among the 100, I think maybe about 5 or 6 ducks contain the numbers that is needed to win the bigger prizes?
This game, is called "Hoop Game". I guess the name itself tells it all. You have to hook the hoops into the a hook and that enables you to win a prize. Simple eh? I tried, and I got none into the hooks. =.=
Merry-Go-Round flying version.
Another ride, I guess this was the only ride that was worth the money. My cousin and sis screamed like crazy. It's the only ride I think they screamed! Because it was going round in circles very fast, and surprisingly many times.
You know these machines above you see in the supermarkets which can be ridden for just RM 1 or 2? You need RM 4 to ride it here! CRAZY isn't it? But many people are still seen riding on these rides.

Nothing can match up to
the standard of Genting Highlands' theme park yet! ... Or maybe Disneyland theme park will! Waiting for someone to sponsor me there! :D


rainbow said...

I didn't scream at all

rainbow said...

I'll make you go on it again!!! Haha