Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chinese New Year's Eve Reunion Dinner! :)

Chinese New Year's eve! :)

The dawn of a new beginning... the Year of the Rabbit.
What I like about this year's CNY, is that my relatives came back from Singapore! :D It's a long time since they last did so. The last I can remember was when I was still in my primary school days (I think).
Only my aunt who is in Sabah didn't make it to this year's reunion. She had came back earlier during the Nov-Dec holidays. BUT, I certainly did enjoy their company. :)
Among all my cousins from both my father's and mother's side, I'm sadly the oldest. I mean, I don't mind being the oldest, but there is a BIG age gap between me and them, at least of 9 years!
Anyway, we had our reunion dinner @ Michelin Star, Sitiawan. Mind you, the service is POOR. But, you can't actually put the blame on them. They are inexperienced, this is their first time handling such a big crowd. This restaurant is not even a year old yet.
A fraction of food served. :)Cod fish! Among the 8 dishes, this was my fav! :)This dish, was, unusual. It's pumpkin paste dessert with coconut jelly. Coconut jelly in pumpkin paste?!? Surprisingly, it tasted okay.We had 2 dessert dishes! It's my first time having a pre-packaged dinner with two desserts. The sesame buns were AWESOME!

Although the service was bad, I think it's still worth going. The food served is good, the price is reasonable. Hopefully, they'll take this time's mistake as a lesson and improve on it the next time. :)

At midnight, the sky was lit up with floating lanterns and fireworks. Ah, this is 100 times better than the ones during New Year celebrations in KL.

Hope we have such a reunion again next year! :)

I'll publish a video of it soon, when youtube processes my video. It has been uploaded all morning, and it still hasn't processed finish the video YET. :@

So, how was YOUR new year?


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