Friday, January 1, 2010

2010... =)

Another year has come and gone. It's amazing yet frustrating who time flies. Last year at this time, I was worrying about things that were going to happen in 2009, like SPM. After SPM was over, I had not much free time, I was busy with MYF Christmas Party celebrations, caroling and all. And before I know it, December has come to an end, and it's 2010.

The things I have done in 2009, as a memory and reminder to myself:
  1. In January, I participated in MSSD Squashy.
  2. In February, LYPG was started in Alor Setar. =)
  3. In March, my first school exam for the year, and also took part in MYF Sunday @ chuch.
  4. In April, my friends and I participated in the Mighty Minds Competition.
  5. In May, my mid-year exams were over! And MYF had an outing to Penang! =)
  6. In June, I sat for the ASEAN Selection Test. It was also the month Korean Praise came to Alor Setar, and also the month I received bad news that I got National Service. =(
  7. In July, extra classes in school started, and all I can remember is I had to stay back in school 3 times a week. =(
  8. In August, my church celebrated their anniversary.
  9. In September, my SPM Trials started. Thus, filling up the whole month.
  10. In October, PPS had a farewell gathering for the form 5s.
  11. In November, I graduated from secondary school. And SPM started and led to weeks of lifelessness.
  12. In December, I completed SPM and I survived! And had the biggest MYF Christmas Party in history! =)
Looking at these 12 months, I am happy and glad that I filled my time well, although there are still room for improvement. In 2010, I must not slack and laze around like I did in form 4 and 5. I'm staying for form 6! Most probably going to Keat Hwa 1 for it! =) STPM is a totally different ball game, I must learn to discipline and work my butt of this time! And there are no second chances for STPM! =(

Anyway, I beg for your forgiveness if I have hurt any of you guys in any way, please forgive me, and I also forgive those who have offended me. =)

I wish you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR! =)


Celina Eshlyn said...

i like this post!!! whoa dude u actually include de highlights in every month! very cool post^^

Chinjie ♥ said...

I like it too.
Cool Man!