Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday '240108

After a three long weeks of school, my family decided to take a break by going to Penang for a 2 days and a night.

We took off at 10 and reached about an hour later, about 11. By that time, I had a mild headache. After listening to half an hour lecture by my mother about how to study, who wouldn't get stressed up? Come on, it's A BREAK! Not a time where you add stress.

We decided to head down to Gurney Plaza first. Before we did any walking, we decided to have lunch at Seoul Garden. Plenty of food. Seoul Garden was a restaurant serving buffet style. Only thing is, you have to either bbq or boil your food, depending on how you like your food cooked.

Well, this time, I can't say that the food was as good as last time, but it's still okay. Well, frankly speaking, Seoul Garden is something worth trying once, but not taken many many times during a short period of time. But I must say that the chicken marinated in dried chilly sauce is delicious. I'm also surprised that this time, in their dessert section, they served peach and longan. Before you try Seoul Garden, wait till you have a really REALLY empty stomach. Or it'll be wasted. Hrm.... They basically serve western, chicken, beef, squid, prawns, clamps... I'll give Seoul Garden a 7/10. Seoul Garden is worth a try!

Soon after that, I met up with my friend from AS, Loh and his family. They had lunch at Fish & Co, and my mother and I just tumpang along.

After they filled their stomachs, we went to walk around Gurney Plaza to look see look see. Went to ToyCity and Toys R Us. Unfortunately, Toys R Us were doing their paint job and it was smelly. The smell was so strong tat it's a no wonder nobody wanted to step in. The things that were sold were also placed everywhere haphazardly. I had to spend 10 minutes to find the 6-meter chewing gum I liked that was sold there. What a mess!

It's about 5:30 p.m. and we had already walked quite a lot around the supermarket. Heading for a friend's house tonight. Going to stay there for the night. I was so tired that when I sat on the sofa listening to my ipod, I fell asleep.

At 7, my family, Chew's family and Uncle & Auntie Chua went for dinner at Sim Yik Nam café. It's the place where the famous intestine porridge and beef ball soup is sold. There is a variety of food sold here. Mee jawa, curry mee, beijing cutterfush, sushi, kueh etc... An interesting thing happened though when I was picking what I wanted to order. Well, since there was so many food stalls, two young men set up a stall that sold pirated DVD. Then a police kancil car came (i think they were patrolling the area). When they saw the stall, the policeman got down and arrested them. The men tending the stall ran as fast as they could. One got caught unaware, while the other ran, but he did not know there was a police dressed in plain clothes on a bike. He was soon caught and hand cuffed into the police car. Well, this isn't an event I get to see everyday.

At night, I went to an aquarium shop that was 3 stories tall. Wow! There was loads of fish and aqua plants inside. There were lobsters, fish, prawns, etc. They didn't only have that but they had dogs too! The dogs sold there are very CUTE! They had golden retriever, bull dog, etc. This shop even offered dog grooming, trimming and perming services. Other than dogs, they was a tarantula, and a baby albino snake. Haiz... This shop also sold all kinds of ornaments to put in your aquarium. From rocks to decorations to different sizes and shapes of aquariums.

It was soon late, and we headed to my friend's house. We played scrabble & take 2 and chatted to pass the remaining time.

End of Day 1
Shall post the second day later and pictures later.

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