Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday '240108

Day 2
Well... woke a little late than usual. Had to sleep on a sofa. Pretty comfi though... Well, we decided to go to Lorong Kulit. Before that, SpongeBob says:
Continuing with my trip, Lorong Kulit really sells loads of things. It's like a night market, except it's in the morning. Unfortunately, I went with an empty stomach, making my trip a quick one. All i wanted to do was walk as quickly as possible and glance through what they sold there. Well, although i just glanced through, i bought a new wallet, managed to bargain it till RM 25, and 2 10 Japanese Banana dollar, which were worthless during my great grand parent's time. I should have bought more. In Singapore, one 10 Japanese dollar note is sold at S$ 10, imagine the profit to be made. haha.

After walking, had lunch with them at a small shop which is said to have one of the better foods. The food is actually quite good! The "popiah" which in direct translation means "thin biscuit" was nice although it was served wet. "Popiah" actually is not a biscuit of any form, its a thin layer of something made of flour and wrapped with mixed veggies (i think). This store also is said to have the BEST durian ice-cream. This ice-cream came out on the newspaper. The ice-cream is okey, although i am not really a fan of durian. Anyway, it's worth trying. The price of all the foods sold here are quite reasonable.

Well, soon afterwards, we headed home... stopping for the best cendol just before we left. (:P)

Next post coming up, pictures of the trip!

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