Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday '130407

Hi folks... Wanted to post it yesterday but forgot... Haha... Well... yesterday I really wanted to talk about respect for others.
Well.. hmm... Let me take an example of yesterday when I was in school, a group of Malays for my opposite school went parading outside our school celebrating some festival (Sorry to say, I don't know what festival it was). Do you know what did our class did when they passed outside our class? My friends just "booed" them. I thought to myself "Why must they do that? Can't you all just respect them a bit?" The majority of them "booed" like barbarians while only a few sensible one's didn't.
I wonder to myself, if I were in the Malay's shoes, what would the I feel? I would feel hurt and hate for the Chinese. Don't they know that if someone does the same thing to you, you will feel the same thing? I asked my friends why they did that for. Some of them answered "It was fun.". Some said "I just followed them". When I asked what benefit they get out of it, they just walked away.
Hai... Don't they know that hate can soon become anger and revenge? Once they cannot hold their anger anymore they will explode and fight. Well... we don't want the repeat of May 13, 1969 right? Where there was no peace in Malaysia.
Therefore, people wake up! Respect people so people will respect you the way you respect them back. It does not hurt or cost a single penny to respect other people.

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