Thursday, October 31, 2013

Most of Us are Deluded... At Least I Am.

Self-delusion is a flaw. Yet even I who have tried to prevent myself to being self-deluded have fallen into the trap of being so. I often ask myself when i'm doing my work: Will what I do be ever good enough? What is all these that I am doing leading to? Are my efforts always futile? In the end, I would feel that what I have done are in vain, I should stop wasting time on this and devote myself to some sort of entertainment.

In other words , a distraction. A distraction to distract myself from the fact that i'm feeling unworthy and empty. However, these distractions, are temporary never permanent, and truth is eternal. Social entertainment, computer games, random channels on TV are often my distractions that I fall prey into. 

Exams. Are. Right. Around. The. Corner.

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