Monday, November 12, 2007

Tools to download your favourite movies or videos on YouTube...

Did you find your favorite video on YouTube, but could not figure out how to download and save it to your computer? Well, do not despair. It is possible to download YouTube videos to your computer and watch them without having to connect to the internet. Here are a few tools available online that will help you to to download and save YouTube videos.

1. TechCrunch YouTube Video Download Tool
You just need to enter the YouTube URL of the video and the tool will automatically download the video to your computer. The video is saved as a FLV file or Flash Video file on your computer. You will need a FLV media player to play the videos. A Free FLV player is available at

2. Another place where you can find a YouTube Video Download Tool is Here too you will need an FLV media player to play back the downloaded YouTube videos.

3. YouTubeX is another good online tool which lets you save YouTube videos to your computer. Again, you will need a FLV player to play the saved YouTube videos.

So go ahead, download and save your favorite YouTube videos and enjoy them again and again without wasting that precious bandwidth!

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