Thursday, July 19, 2007

Do monthly exams really help students?

I just sat for my monthly exam. After I had finished doing and checking my English paper, I sat at my seat and pondered about why we, students have to undergo exams every month starting from May. Do these exams really benefit us? Or does it add stress to us?

Well, in my opinion, everything has a pro and cons.

Let’s start with the cons first. When the teachers bring in the exam papers with the results, all the students would be beating. Some would be shaking in fear, fear of failing that exam paper. When the results come out bad, that student might take two paths. One is to never give up and keep studying hard with a positive attitude to pass with flying colors, or they might take the other path of giving up and not strive for success. It all depends on that student. This also indicates exams should not be held often in schools.

Sometimes, we students are glad exams are held once every two to three months. We get a break from the nagging and scolding from teachers and parents when we get bad results. If you get good results like Xuelin the bookworm, you need not worry at all.

Other than that, exams given monthly will also contribute to stress. With more stress, students might find a solution to relief stress. Students might do silly things like smoking, committing suicide, getting into bad company and other unbeneficial stuff.

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Sherlin said...

Do u really think that i am not worried of my results? Well, u r mistaken. Exams r really stressful! Not to mention the pressure ur CLASSMATES give u....