Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Trip at the Tree-Top Walk

Last Saturday (2nd of June), I woke up early in the morning just to go for the longest tree-top walk in Kedah, in Malaysia, in the world. :) Woke up at 7 a.m., correction dragged up by my mother at 7. Waited and waited, waiting for my mother to pack the things up, she could have let me sleep another half and hour before waking me up right? Waste of my precious sleeping time... *sigh*
At exactly 7:45 a.m., my good old pal, Teong Huan picked us up in his good old four-wheel drive. The car was packed to the brim as it was a 7 sitter car. There were 8 of us in the car, so you might imagine that we were packed like in a sardine can.

We headed for Nasmir (a 24 hour Indian food store) as it was our scheduled meeting place. To my surprise, there were 12 cars going (including us), with a total of 40+ of us. Wow! We would later be moving in a convoy. We prayed before leaving.

To the left: Waiting for the others to come.

To the right: Ready to gooo!!!

Since Teong Huan's father was leading the way we to Sedim, we wouldn't need to worry about getting lost. :) At the beginning, no following cars were going out of the route, but when we were reaching Sedim, just about 2 km away, my mother's phone rang and the caller turned out to be the sweeper of the convey took a wrong turning and would find his own way there. Thank goodness the last car knew his way!
At last, we arrived at Sedim. After an hour and the half sitting in the car, I was glad that I could stretch out! The scenery was great. Paid 8 bucks just to go for that walk, but it was worth it. It was so scary!!! Imagine yourself 20m from the ground and look down. How would you feel? Scared? Happy? The highest point of that walk was 20.6m above the ground. That's high!

To the left: Our group photo...

After the long and t
iring walk, it was time for a picnic beside the crystal clear stream. But there was a problem, since there were so many of us, we had trouble finding a suitable spot for all of us. So, in the end, we split into two groups. My group set up the things (food, fire, mat, tent, etc.). My mother gestured t my father to go into the stream first, because this will only make the others follow his lead. The water was very cold. Soon, almost all the teenagers and adults all hopped in the stream. We had a wonderful time there.
My friend's parent, was feeling adventurous that day, so we went for a challenge he gave us. The challenge was to cross the stream. The middle part of the stream's flow was very fast. If you lose your footing, you might just be swept by the current and pus
hed downstream. We had to go a little upstream first, then cross the bridge. Now we are at the other side of the river. We walked a little downstream and it is time to cross the stream. We used the chain system (each of us hold hands to cross the stream), thankfully, all of us crossed safely.
Still, we were feeling adventurous, we wanted to go for another adventure. This time we wanted to cross the whole stream, for just now we just cross half a stream. This time, it will be more dangerous, because it was not like the oth
er one, this time the whole stream was flowing fast, because we were now more upstream. At first we spotted a log that might help us cross, but it was to heavy. We just carried a little way before one of my friends spotted a plant that grew across the stream. We could use it to cling on it to help us cross. One by one, we crossed the fast-flowing stream. I liked it when I was in the middle of the stream. It was like having a free massage. We all made it safely across the stream.

To the left: Us playing at the stream...

We were now famished. Further more, it was already 3 p.m., the sun was
blazing hot! We ate the leaf overs (pity us) and cleared up. All the litter that we made were thrown in the rubbish bins provided. Everyone must do it so that we can preserve nature's natural wonders.
Once we were all cleared out and changed. We sadly returned home. I had a wonderful time. But... before we went home, we just couldn't resist but to try the famous Lunas Laksa. Their ice-kacang is not bad too. Yee Hong had his first ice-kacang here too...

To the left: Yee Hong having his first ice-kacang in 16 years of his life!

That's for all now!

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