Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday '310507

Ah... it's the last day of the month... how i wish it were mid-October already... for my major exam is held at the beginning of October (PMR - Penilaian Menengah Rendah).

Why I can't miss this major exam? Why only in the year 2015, this major exam will be abolished? According to MES, MES has proposed five forms of assessment for students in the national education system. They are:
  • School assessment - planned, developed, conducted, examined and reported by teachers in schools.
  • Central assessment - involving standards, instruments, data analyzes and guidelines provided by MES.
  • Central examination - fully conducted by the MES.
  • Psychometric tests - used to measure students' innate abilities.
  • Physical activity assessment - used to evaluate and measure students' performance and involvement in extra-curricular activities.
It sounds so exciting. Why couldn't I have been educated in this type of system? This system should have been introduced long time ago in Malaysia, because most advanced countries like US practice this type of system. This way, students get to enjoy their school years and not be pressured by major exams.

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