Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday '140307

Whew! What a day! It's!!! Rain also very hot... the weather in Malaysia is worsening. Why can't people just think and do things to preserve the environment and not destroy it? Don't they know that every tree they chop causes the Earth's temperature to rise???

Everything was fine today except the HOT weather...
Morning... I had breakfast with my mom near my school. The food I had was surprisingly delicious. I thought that shop's food wasn't nice. Well, this thought me not to judge things before trying it. After that, i went to my school library for the first time during a non-school day, the librarian teacher was sure surprise to see me. Meet a few friends there, discuss about something for 'bout 1 hour plus and went straight home.
Afternoon... Back to the usual routine of endless studying and numerous homework. Wish it was after PMR already. Another 7 months of endless torture of studying...
Night... Dinner with the Loh's. And a splendid meal with them too... The fish head curry was superb.

Well, i gtg... Cya folks!

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