Saturday, January 13, 2007

Take Time...

"Take time to prepare for our work. The greater the work we are to do, the longer preparation does God give us for it. How eager human nature is to get into an enterprise, or a field of work, before there is a thorough preparation. To be prepared for a great mission is a great deal more than to go through a school or to learn a trade or to pass a good examination. The preparation must go deepr, and enter into the very qualities of the heart and will. There must be the patient endurance, the breadth of apprehension, the quickness and sweep of mental vision, the balancing of the judgement, the impartiality of decision, and a largeness of divine gentleness for those with whom we deal - an inexpressible preparation which oftentimes nothing but suffering, or lonely sorrow, or years of patient waiting can develop in us.

A short work, with a thorough, divine preparation behind it, will accomplish more than a work of many years with only a human qualification for it."

-G.D. Watson

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